Craft Manayunk

Craft Manayunk is beer bar focused on serving craft beer, and crafty food. We feature craft beers from all over the U.S and are committed to cultivating an appreciation for the quality and creativity that is the foundation of the craft beer and cocktail movement. To us, craft beer and food represent a conscious movement of good will. So raise a glass and old friends and new.

From the owner...

"I eat dinner at my bar almost every night. From a small, hightop corner of the bar I watch and listen to everything. Analyzing the flick of a cocktail napkin under a glass to the new bartenders foam pour. 

It's always the same routine for me. But one night stands out to me because I noticed something awesome, something that made me realize this is working. I was probably marrying manchego and prosciutto into a brioche, that's my go to. I look down my bar and see a couple drinking wine, another couple drinking high end craft beers, and 2 friends drinking a vodka soda and a Heineken. When I opened Craft, I push that we offer craft beers but didnt limit it to a beer bar. I wanted a place with diversity, but niche. Not too niche, to make people feel unwelcome. But niche enough to make those inside of the bar, feel intimate. "